Photos: Grim exhumations continue at mass grave in Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine war News

Dressed in white protective suits and wearing rubber gloves, Ukrainian emergency workers dug up more bodies from a wooded burial site in territory recently recaptured from Russian forces as townspeople looked for dead relatives.

Ukraine says hundreds are buried at the site discovered last week, including at least 17 Ukrainian soldiers found in a mass grave on Friday and others who may be civilians buried in individual graves marked with flimsy wooden crosses.

The causes of death have not yet been established. Residents say some of the graves near the town of Izyum were of people who died in an air raid. Ukrainian authorities said at least one of the bodies had tied hands and rope marks on the neck.

Moscow has not commented on the discovery of the graves. It regularly denies committing atrocities in the war or targeting civilians.

“Exhumations are under way. Their identities are currently not known,” said Roman Kasianenko, a regional prosecutor.

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