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Tuesday marks 70 years since the death of Argentina’s former first lady Eva Peron, known by many as just Evita.

She died in 1952, aged 33, but her memory is still present in modern Argentina’s politics.

She was a charismatic figure who is remembered for being a champion of women’s rights and the poor, while not always having the approval of wealthy Argentinians.

Peron was born in 1919 in the small town of Los Toldos. At the age of 15, she sought and found fame and fortune as an actress in the capital, Buenos Aires.

There, she met rising politician Juan Domingo Peron at a function to raise money for earthquake victims.

They married in 1945, one year before he became president of Argentina. At the age of 27, Evita became the first lady, and a glamour icon both revered and despised.

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