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Hundreds of protesters have gathered in central Tunis to demonstrate against a referendum to be held on Monday on a new constitution that they reject as illegal.

President Kais Saied published the draft constitution, giving himself far more powers, reducing the role of the parliament and the judiciary, and removing most checks on his power, less than a month ago.

The referendum is the latest move in what his foes call a march to one-man rule since he moved against the elected parliament a year ago, replacing the government and moving to rule by decree in what critics call a coup.

Saturday’s protest was organised by the coalition, which includes activist group Citizens Against the Coup and Ennahdha, a Muslim party that was the biggest in the dissolved parliament.

Police were present along the avenue in huge numbers, but there was no violence.

During a separate protest on Friday evening by civil society groups and smaller political parties, police used sticks and pepper spray to disperse demonstrators, arresting several of them.

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